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Tuesday 31st May 2011

Welcome to the May edition of the NDLR Newsletter

The NDLR team has been very busy this month carrying out work on the NDLR portal and updating your institutional pages! These NDLR institutional pages represent all of the great teaching and learning activities that are happening in your institution. Check out the updated Institutional and Community pages on the NDLR Website!


NDLR Fest Proceedings coming soon!

The NDLR has produced a Festbook with an accompanying multimedia CD celebrating the wonderful collection of digital learning resources created by academics throughout Ireland for sharing and reuse under Creative Commons licences. The Festbook promotes and illustrates the diverse range of quality resources that were presented at the NDLR Fest 2011 and are now available for all to use through the NDLR. Stay tuned for the launch of the publication!

NDLR Sponsoring Keynote at EDTECH 2011

The NDLR is delighted to be sponsoring Ewan McIntosh's keynote speech and a conference workshop - "Design Thinking" at Edtech 2011 in Waterford Institute of Technology.

Ewan is regarded as a leading expert in digital media for public services. His company, NoTosh Limited, invests in tech start-ups and film on behalf of public and private investors, works with those companies to build their creative businesses, and takes the lessons learnt from the way these people work back into schools and universities across the world. See full Edtech programme for more detail.

Come and see us at the exhibitors space and at the Technology in Action slot with Articulate!


NDLR Present Keynote at OER Conference in Manchester

Dr. Bob Strunz, Chief Technical Architect with the NDLR was invited to present at the OER11 conference in Manchester 11 – 13th May where he gave an informative and entertaining presentation titled "All that glisters is not gold" on Sustainable National OER Provision.

Dr. Bob Strunz, Chief Technical Architect, NDLR

Bob Strunz in his presentation, mentions the importance of formalising the process of sharing teaching material within the educational system and discusses the broad spectrum of costs and benefits associated with the sustainable delivery of OERs to teachers and learners and the positioning of an OER provision service.

Bob notes, 'It is important that the teachers who entrust us with the care of their resources can have faith in the ability of our service to protect and promote their interests as the creators of these materials. National OER services such as the NDLR have, a responsibility to their stakeholders to ensure that their operational models are sustainable and fail-safe'.


NDLR Out and About!

Photo below: Diana Laurillard, Professor of Learning, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, Catherine Bruen, NDLR, Yvonne Diggins, NDLR, Ann Marcus Quinn, NDLR, John Casey, University of Arts London, Aisling Dundon, NDLR and Bob Strunz Chief Technical Architect, NDLR at OER Manchester 2011.


PARTNERS Nursing Resource

PARTNERS is an acronym for Participatory Action Research To develop Nursing Electronic healthcare Records and is the name of our Community of Practice (COP) with representatives from the Dublin North area. The PARTNERS learning resource, now available in the NDLR, has been developed in 2009 to educate health care professionals on key clinical concepts and terms required to achieve integrated patient centred care across and between healthcare service providers for persons aged 65 and over.

The original project funded by the National Council of Nursing and Midwifery assisted the PARTNERS team to identify key concepts and terms from the evidence base to develop a prototype assessment tool to capture patient centred outcomes as defined by the Canadian Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care (C-Hobic). In this educational resource the COP demonstrates how the assessment tool can be used across and between the various health service providers to access shared assessment data over a number of time intervals through the lens of a patient case. The resource also introduces the student to health informatics standards that are an essential requirement for future Electronic Healthcare Records provision in Ireland.

Over the duration of this project the PARTNERS COP also engaged with EHRland a project funded by the Health Information and Quality Authority – the principal investigator of which is Mr Damon Berry, the links to the PARTNERS and EHRland websites also provide additional resources that lecturers may find useful.

Check out these NDLR resources!

If you have found a resource in the NDLR you really like then let us know!

  • Online videos and interactive presentations to support the teaching and learning of exercises and coaching drills used in the rehabilitation after sports injury. Click here
  • Exercise to Music and Anatomy and Physiology Assessment Tools. Click here

NDLR News & Events

Open Repositories 2011
AT&T Executive Education & Conference Centre, Austin, Texas, June 7, 2011 – June 11. What is the role of social interactions within repository technical communities in developing strong, distributed services and cyber-infrastructure to create open access to and preservation of our shared digital heritage? The Sixth Annual International Conference on Open Repositories (OR11) will address that question in Austin, Texas, from June 7-11, 2011, at the AT&T Conference Centre.

EUNIS 2011

Maintaining a sustainable future for IT in Higher Education 15th – 17th June, Dublin. EUNIS 2011 is the 17th Congress in a series of international conferences within the framework of the European University Information Systems organisation (EUNIS). EUNIS affords an excellent opportunity to present and publish contemporary work and practices associated with Information Technology applications in Higher Education Institutions, whether for teaching and learning, administration or research support.

EDEN Annual Conference Learning and Sustainability
19th – 22nd June UCD
The aim of the 2011 EDEN conference is to highlight different ways and approaches, in order to integrate better the concept of responsible and sustainable development within learning, in its widest sense.

Dublin e-Learning Summer School 2011, DIT Aungier Street
The week-long series of talks and workshops gives academic staff from across Dublin's third-level colleges an opportunity to discuss issues relating to eLearning in their work and to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. Convened under the Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance, this year's programme addresses the theme of "Challenging the Twenty-First Century Learner".

CONFERENCE: ED-MEDIA 2011: World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications
This annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion &exchange of information on the research, development, & applications on all topics related to multimedia, hypermedia &telecommunications/distance education.

CONFERENCE: International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2011)
The i-Society is a global knowledge-enriched collaborative effort that has its roots from both academia and industry.

EATAW 2011 The Role of the Student Experience in Shaping Academic Writing Development in Higher Education
29th June – 1st July University of Limerick
EATAW is a scholarly forum which seeks to bring together those involved or interested in the teaching, tutoring, research, administration and development of academic writing in higher education in Europe.

NAIRTL's 5th Annual Conference Engaging Minds: Active learning, participation and collaboration in Higher education

This international conference is comprised of short papers (15 min), Pecha-Kucha style presentations, workshops, panel discussions and posters on the following themes:
• students as co-creators of knowledge
• civic engagement and social responsibility
• the first year experience
• engaging large classes
• technology enhanced learning

DRHEA Summer School
Monday 16 May 2011 - 12.00 to 14.00, The Helix, Dublin City University. The next seminar series aims to stimulate debate between researchers, those engaged in policy and practice in higher education and representatives of civil society. The main speaker for the event isProfessor Sir Peter Scott, Institute of Education, London who will speak about Higher Education Reform in the Atlantic Isles.

11th DIVERSE International Conference
Dublin City University 28th - 30th June
The main goal for the conference is to enhance the use of visual media in teaching, learning and creative inquiry. To achieve this we are inviting those who produce, use or want to use visual media in their practice, or do research within this area.

CALL FOR PAPERS - Unique Experimental Facilities for International Collaboration in Engineering Education and Research

International Conference on Engineering Education
ICEE-2011 Belfast August 21-26, 2011