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NUI Galway Paul Gormley at the NDLR Fest 2011

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NUIG Partners in LInCS 2010 Project 6 - Reusable Learning Objects for Clinical Assessment Training (Medicine, Clinical skills) (UL, NUIG, University College Hospital Galway (UCHG))

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Oisín Keely NUI Galway

NUIG Local Projects

Coming Soon!

  • 'The Night of the Living Deadlines': A Promotional and Educational Film for the Academic Writing Centre at the James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway

  • Model Building for Biochemistry. Andree Flaus

  • "Modern Languages CoP",Gráinne McGrath, CELT, NUIG, Labhaoise Ní Dhonnchadha, CELT, NUIG

  • "Helping hand for every student", Dr. Andrew Flaus, Dept of Biochemistry, NUIG, Oisín D. Keeley, Dept of Biochemistry, NUIG, Gráinne McGrath, CELT, NUIG, Dr. Iain McLabhrainn, CELT, NUIG

  • Using YouTube as a portal to access videos and other learning resources for Irish and Spanish language learners

NUIG Partners in LInCS 2010 Project 10 - LInCS 2010 - The Principles of Infection Prevention and Control; the development of reusable learning objects (UL, NUIG, Ennis General Hospital, HSE West)

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