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Canada Goose...

Right now, this is a brand that polarizes much.

Also revered as hated,you had to see everywhere,to the chagrin of his many detractors, who think that France,Canada Goose is the new Moncler,in the bad sense.

But on the other side of the fence,there are many fans who,for the world,not spend a winter without their clothing Canada Goose ( which I think are in recently).

Important: I live in Montreal since the end of August,so I carried my Canada Goose under various conditions ( almost 20 ° with wind up to 8 ° when I got three weeks in France ),I so think I have a pretty clear and broad look at the quality of the product.

So as a lover of men's fashion,beautiful fabrics and beautiful fittings : what I think a big parka ?

But before I make you my return,I would like to dwell a little on the brand Canada Goose is really ambiguous...

Come on,frankly, Quebecers have the same brand of Canada Goose and a French Vuitton bags,namely:

"It's expensive for what it is "

"This is something for wealthy foreigners "

"It's stupid to spend so much when you can find both cheaper "

" It is useless " ,

"This is super cliché " ( a French who buys in Montreal Canada Goose is a bit like a Chinese who buys Vuitton luggage to fields).

Yet all is not true : far from it.

Indeed, when we see the number of French wearing a black Chilliwack ( the least successful model to CG in my opinion),it is undeniable that there is a fad behind,often referred cynically sheep of Panurge.

One of the most popular models. It does not cover the buttocks, you made ??a huge belly,but it is the cheapest and most unfortunately sold. What do you...

However,it would forget several things:

a CG resells very well used back in France,unlike the damn North Face ( I 'll come back to this brand ). It loses very little value in the Canadian price and the price in euro occasion.

the euro / Canadian dollar exchange rate is good for us, it's almost as if you arrive in a country and you you see that Hermes costs 40 % less !

and finally,CG has a very strong brand image,it is a brand that makes people dream. This is something that I respect, because you can not imagine the difficulty for a brand to build a coherent imaginary and impacting.

I find it a shame that Quebecers also denigrate a copy in its implementation strategy Canadian brand in the way that it maintains a strong relationship with its customers,its vision of clothes against the cold, or dynamism. But this is another story...

Ah... THE PRICE. That's what critics proudly brandish Canada Goose. For the haters ( and believe me there ), there is a " pigeon " when you buy a Canada Goose because:

you pay only the brand,

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it's too expensive for what it is.

In fact, everything would be fine in a perfect world if Canada Goose was not so expensive, because even the haters are unanimous on the quality of parts.

Except... Canada Goose is not expensive. Yes, perfectly.

Given the quality of the product,you have plenty for your money. I looked,and honestly, you can not find both cheaper (note my criteria can not be reduced to " just need it to hold me warm ," I will come a little later).

We often talk to me about North Face,which surprises me every time. Because if there is a good brand that is expensive, this is it. Honestly, pay almost $ 450 for a 100% synthetic parka ( fur and down ) made ??in China,for once, it is VERY expensive for what it is.

And then there is a criterion that is never considered by critics : the cut.

Because it is clear that you will hardly find parkas as well cut some CG models. I said some models, because there are some who make you look like a walking fridge:

Model Snow Mantra,1200 Canadian dollars. This is the hottest model,guaranteed to -60 °. It is used by mining in Alaska or those working in the oil in icy corners. There 's even a strap on the shoulder to save you in an emergency. You do not look like anything with that thing on the back,but at least you stay alive.

Model Banff,the most adjusted brand with a pretty cool military inspiration.

The only downside ? No hand pockets : you 've got to have gloves!

Casually, after spending the past five years searching for the best clothing cut it for its shape,is a strong argument. But I totally respect that this is not necessarily the case for everyone. Simply,in my case,I can not ignore it.

I'll be honest with you, that's what I thought at first,but this is not the case.

But really not at all. For example,Quartz Nature,which is a little known brand Quebec has the same price as Canada Goose. Similarly, Kanuk,which is a 100% brand Quebec ( the workshop is right next door to me ) is more expensive than Canada Goose,with prices easily exceeding $ 800 !

Parka the brand Quartz Nature,620 dollars,equivalent to Canada Goose quality, but a totally different brand for Quebec,because the brand makes Quebec (French ). And even at that price,no one likes to say that we only pay the brand...

Why such prices ? Fur you see on the hoods is expensive. For information, Kanuk sells fur hoods interchangeable between 200 and 300 dollars. And there are no secrets for a part that is not made ??in China,with a down comforter and high quality finishes,we quickly reached the 500/600 dollars or more. This is the real value of things.

Just this band fur Kanuk brand (LA Quebec coat brand par excellence, but that costs a fortune and is aimed at a slightly older audience )... cost 270 dollars !

This is a great bracket I just do it, but it seemed necessary because Canada Goose is in my opinion a brand unfairly stigmatized.

Needless to prolong the suspense in Montreal winter conditions,it's fabulous.

I 'm not surprised that the mark is in staffing in some government body, for we feel that the design is the result of a sacred experience cold.

On mine, it will full of great thoughtful details. This will wire around the hood with thick and sturdy closure (detail sometimes missing on the North Face, hello hassle when you have gloves ) through two pairs of hand pockets fully lined in fleece and without forget the chin guard Fleece shag...

Completely. It's like if you do not feel cold at all. Even the small cool morning,or that when you expect the bus, or when you go evening walk in winter, you never cold. I do not remember a time where I could be cold this winter.

Protection against the wind is exceptional. One weekend,I was at the carnival of Quebec, that is to say, for 6 hours with a temperature outside was close to -20 °,but with the wind (I have no idea how it's temperature felt, but add at least -10 °) and it is clear that you are perfectly protected against the wind. Even at -20 °. Even along the zipper is protected,so that the wind can never enter your parka.

In addition,the hood is fine as hell,and even if you do not put it on your head,it protects the ears. Casually, it's really great that hood that protects your head from the wind by extreme cold,it is very effective.

By cons,it is not clothing for sports supported. If you're cross-country skiing at -15 ° and there is wind,you will undoubtedly transpire. Basically, Canada Goose clothes were thought to still work positions or semi- stationary ( which is why the bouncers love this brand ). Mountaineers extreme rather turn to brands such PHD,with rather startling technical features. At the Wiggy 's brand,some parkas are downright anti- fire...

Well, we do agree,a parka is a parka.

It 's still light years away from a section of a chirgugicale Wooyoungmi coat. But having tried several,Canada Goose is one of the few brands parkas to treat his cuts on some models. Thus, I was surprised to see that the shoulders of Banff Castle,Citadel and Ontario ( the most " fit " models,all being relative) models have been worked and are relatively high. Well chosen your size,the shoulder " slime " no,it's clean and clear.

Finally, I was surprised,always on the most urban models,the S is a " true S". Similarly, Canada Goose fact the XS,it is good to know.

For example:

There, on the Expedition model,it's not fancy.

Here you can see that the size is tighter on this slimmer model, the perfect fit sleeves, but still far from a normal bending ( Banff model).

Obviously, the North Face also protect from the cold.

But to be tried by a market with and -12 °,it is still a notch below Canada Goose,especially for a chilly like me. And some geeks polar clothing made ??the same observation before me.

The hood protects your head much less when it is not worn,the cold through the sleeves and closures,in short,it is less successful than Canada Goose.

Not. Out while it was -15 ° without suitable shoes,no gloves and no hat (and without wearing the hood ) will expose you to cold. You can not do without good shoes with good socks,gloves,scarf and fur hat worthy of the name.

Because you wear a beautiful Canada Goose,you will not be cold to the torso,but the cold will be in contact with your head, feet and hands.

Honestly, when you have to walk twenty minutes in the cold, or to make an electro outdoor festival for 4 h at -15 ° ( Igloofest ),you do not care full of this kind of problem,and bless you Canada Goose for making clothes as reliable.

And then go out with such temperatures with a simple wool and cashmere coat is stupid,ridiculous and even dangerous. Is it better to spend the winter shivering and have a silhouette perfectly designed or have the luxury of being perfectly warm with a cup a little fuzzy from everyone wearing parkas ? My choice was quickly made.

It is more about silhouette beautifully highlighted, or mixture of wool and cashmere, but at such temperatures,it's your health at stake I hardly exaggerate,but simply to be warm is one thing, being stylish is another.

It is Baptist, my roommate aka " co -founder BonneGueule,shadow man that you never see ," which was the reflection of the style someone has meaning only in context. It is perfectly true in the middle of very negative temperatures when wearing a parka makes sense,unlike a Parisian urban environment.

There are two.

The first is Mackage : they are clearly urban parkas,fittées very well adjusted,well finished,but are too valuable I think. Especially since they breathe less strength than Canada Goose,the fabric looked good end. But this is the kind of room I would advise anyone who wants to make any concessions on the cut of his clothes.

The second is the Rolls parkas,it is the brand Nobis. The design is much more work that Canada Goose,more urban and more interesting fabrics, but it is more expensive than Canada Goose. I do not remember seeing parkas less than $ 800 at home. But if you have the budget,go for it,it's really incredible cam.

A very pretty Nobis with a double breasted,rare thing about this type of clothing that I would not buttoned up.

Inspiration tailor very present in the Nobis with back cut like a jacket.

Woolrich Woolen Mills also very nice things in the same price :

So there: this is ridiculous. Not only will you get too hot all the time, plus it is a brand that is unfortunately wrong connotations ( just try to exit a Paris high school : a good example of moutonisme ),in addition to the French price very expensive compared to Canadian prices.

In addition, a point of view strictly design, Canada Goose parka will never have the charm of a vintage parka designer,as impressive parka Bleu de Paname.

Bleu de Paname : From vintage properly interpreted.

I assure you that this kind of gadget,unlike his appearance is VERY helpful.

Really, buy a Canada Goose to bring it to Paris is clearly bullshit, it will be difficult for everyday wear,and you'll look like a guy in 16th lack of exoticism.

Canada Goose is a brand that has maintained its hype through well placed collaborations. Here is the first,with the mark of rapper Drake,October 's Very Own :

It really is a piece that has a very commanding presence,with this huge hood. I grant you,it's hard to appreciate the design when it was used to coat cut with a scalpel. ( model Canada Goose x October 's Very Own )

He then had a sportier room dedicated to sports Lance Mackey, who does dog sledding:

This model is characterized by the huge hood coyote, and stickers everywhere sponsors. If you ever get the urge to travel the North sleigh... Note that there are practical enough vents under the armpits.

Also a great collaboration with Loro Piana, but unfortunately overpriced :

To have true view,the effect of wool flannel is very successful and the cut is super neat,see these very high shoulders.

You see ? It integrates easily as long as you do not wear your plaid shirt like a hipster.

And finally, and to my dismay,it was bound to happen,Canada Goose has been working with... Colette :

No, I do not endorse,but not at all.

This is ultimately my feelings on this fabulous brand,which I can only advise you to buy if you go to a country with very cold winters. I know this is a budget, but I assure you that you will have the ultimate in insulation, design, and quality down.

Be careful though ! This is a garment that becomes addictive over the ports. Why ? Simply because it is essential in case of extreme cold ( = 10 days in the year in a city in France ).

I understand that you must be surprised that BonneGueule take the defense of a brand that is connoted " 16th " in France,I am aware.

But remember this is a brand that manufactures clothing terribly effective. They fully deliver on their promise to keep you warm.

Posted by mahar lee on 19 November 2013, 8:10 AM
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